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Independent Support Services for Individual Growth

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Unique Support & Services for working professionals

Whether you are an Employee, Contractor, Self Employed, Small Business, Corporation or operate a Non-Profit Organization, all working professionals need a personal assistant to help them keep the small details organized.

Our unique services cover Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Management, Graphic Design, Business Consultant, Accounting & Tax Preparation, Online Account(s) Management, Credit Monitoring assistance, Self Employed Registry and more.

Our services are designed to fit our clients' needs when they need it!

Why Choose Independent Support Services LLC?

Our unique and customized support & services cateres to over 9.6 million working professionals. 

Independent Support Services LLC knows that each working professional needs support and services for every stage of thier professional growth.

We understand that it's the little details that procudes the bigger picture.


Trusted by working professionals NATIONWIDE!

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Organized and Efficient

"I didn't realize how much a personal assistant would make a difference"

Jen B.

Flexible and Committed

"I've been working with Tax Solutions for over 15 years. They are always available for advice"

Louis M.

Creative & Resourceful

“The Self-Employed Registry and marketing are an amazing service for my budget״ 

Karen L.

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