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Personal Support Services

Personal Support Services is vital to all working professional's personal growth journey. Our services are designed to focus on the professional areas that need it the most. Select one or more services that you need Personal Support Services for. 

What services can we assist you with?

Initial Account Registration Support

Initial Account Registration Support is designed to help clients with the Initial Account Registration and set up for their desired services. Most personal services require an initial registration process that includes detailed research and document preparation. Our Registration Support experience extends across multiple diverse backgrounds and for all stages of working professionals. 

Online Account(s) Management Support

Online Account(s) Management Support is designed to assist our clients by managing their multiple personal online accounts. The majority of working professionals are responsible for 7-12 personal online accounts on a monthly basis. Our Online Account(s) Management support takes over monthly monitoring, reporting and response services so you can focus on the bigger details.

(3) Credit Bureau Monitoring Support

(3) Credit Bureau Monitoring Support is designed to assist our clients with credit monitoring, dispute and resolution support. 

Self-Employed Registry & Marketing Support

Self-Employed Registry & Marketing Support is designed to provide our clients with their own personal marketing packages fit to attract their ideal clientele. Our clients can choose from a variety of marketing avenues that fit's their growth needs. Options range from complete Website Design, 1Page E-Flyers and Multi-page Websites with scheduled and target digital, social media marketing and email campaigns.

Grant Research & Application Support

Grant Research & Application Support helps qualified professionals search & pre-qualify for various grants programs offered through federal, state and county resources.

Accounting Support

Accounting Support is designed to manage our clients monthly and annual personal banking accounts to help prepare them for annual tax preparation and e-file services. Accounting Support aides all working professionals in providing detailed monthly and annual records to ensure accurate tax preparation services and available tax refunds opportunities. 

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