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Independent Tax Solutions & Accounting Services


Welcome NEW and EXISTING clients to Tax Solutions 2023 Tax Filing Season. 

Stay Up to Date!

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Please click here to read  WHAT'S NEW for the 2023 Tax Filing Season

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Stay up to date on your own of the newest news that will affect your 2023 tax filing and refund,

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Check on the status of your refunds

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Check on the status of your Amended Returns

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It has been over 21 days and your tax return is still processing

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Do you need more assistance with your personal tax account beyond the assistane that my office can provide, please contact a TAX ADVOCATE by clicking the link provided. 

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Always stay informed on the status of your personal IRS Tax Account History

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Side Hustle / Self Employed  Tax Filers

Specializing in Self- Employed Tax Preparation & E-file Services

  • Self-Employed

  • 1099-Nec, Misc 

  • Registered Small Business

  • LLC

  • Corporation

  • Non-Profit Organizations

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Direct Care Workers Tax Filers

Specializing in Tax Preparation & E-file Services for Direct Care Workers.

  • W2 Direct Care Workers

  • IHSS Direct Care workers

  • 1099 Direct Care Providers

  • Self - Employed Direct Care Providers

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Invest in Form 1040 Profit Sharing Partnership today and secure your financial future


  • Standard W2

  • IHSS Income Statement

  • 1099 - MISC, NEC, K, G, INT

  • Schedule C - Small Business, LLC, Self Employed

  • Specialize in Credits & Deductions

  • Secure online, guided E- application

  • No out-of-pocket fee options

  • Direct Deposit, Paper Check, Deposit Cards

Why file with
Independent Tax Solutions?

With over 20 + years of professional tax preparation and e-file services as a REGISTERED TAX RETURN PREPARER and AUTHORIZED E-FILE PROVIDER, Independent Tax Solutions has been able to legally assist thousands of clients nationwide with their online tax preparation needs


Our 96% submission rate is contributed to the hard work, due diligence and responsibilities by our dedicated team of REGISTERD TAX RETURN PREPARES.

With our 98% retention rate, our returning clients appreciates the trust and honesty we provide to all of our clients. Our services have grown and now extends to Accounting Support, Business Registration Support, Virtual Assistant Support. We continue to grow by leaps and bounds. Now, we look forward to serving you.

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Professional Registrations

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Let's take your business to the next level!

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